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It has been reported that B2B companies who regularly blog receive 67% more leads every month than those companies who do not. 

Blogs can:
  • Show and tell what your business can do

  • Help you to become a thought-leader for your industry

  • Create fresh relevant content for your website

  • Speak directly to your prospective customers

  • Attract organic traffic to your website

  • Generate inbound links

  • Show your passion 

  • Answer commonly asked questions

  • Turn your website into a destination

  • Add pages to your website

  • Improve SEO

No Time to Blog?

Updating your blog regularly keeps you relevant in the eyes of search engines, encourages your customers and prospects to interact with you, educates them, entertains them, and helps to boost conversions. We know writing a good blog is not easy.  Even if you have the time to devote, crafting an engaging blog that is relevant and holds the interest of the reader is an art.  We can help. 

We'll work with you to set out a schedule - a 400 word blog every week?  a 700 word blog once a month? -  and then put together a list of topics.  Our writers will do the research, draft the blog, select the images and keywords, write the meta tags and submit it to you for approval.  Once it has been approved we can help you with publishing the blog and posting it to your social media accounts.  

It's easier than you think – just reach out to us.

Thanks! Message sent.

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